Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's in My Cross-Body Bags?

I've recently acquired a veritable slew of cross-body bags.  I bought myself a purple Target one back in early May then received two more for my birthday.  (Great Terminally stylish minds think alike.)  My mother surprised me with this petite white one from Coach over my birthday breakfast of homemade french toast, and my gorgeous ex-roommate Ashlee gave me the blue elephant-print Vera Bradley during my belated birthday dinner at Bone Fish Grille.
While it may sound a bit excessive to need three of the same style bag, I've managed to find specific uses for each of them.

1. The Coach one is tiny--I mean, tiny--and thus perfect for brunch, coffee dates, and the like.  I can pretty much only fit my iPhone, the absolute makeup necessities, my keys (and keychain i.d. thingy), and  a pack of Orbit Sweet Mint gum.
2. The Target one is essentially the same size as the Coach, but I prefer it for going out, in case I drop it, lose it, spill my drink on it, etc.
3. The Vera Bradley is close to double the size of the previous two, making it perfect for extended daytime outings.  It easily fits all of the above mentioned as well as my wallet, makeup bag and Kindle.

Do you have a cross-body bag?  Do you want one (or more)?  What do you think of my bags?



  1. I like cross body bags, but every time I use one I get my neck all fucked up. So nevermind, cross body bags! Yours are super cute though.

    1. They can be kind of a hassle, but thanks.

  2. Cross body bags are awesome! I have them in all sizes and they are very practical imo. The strap can dig into ones neck if you're carrying a ton of stuff, so it's definitely keep to buy purses with comfy straps when purchasing a larger cross-body. For smaller sizes, I prefer ones with removeable straps so you could convert it into a clutch!

  3. love cross-body bags!


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