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This is the story of a curly-headed little girl named Taryn, who had a love of animals and an insatiable longing to create something beautiful.  In grade school, she was drawn to writing and art of any kind but dreamed of being a veterinarian before realizing her squeamishness at the sight of blood.  She grew up (not very tall) into a young woman who enjoys experimenting with makeup and occasionally writes poetry.

Surprisingly good punch pong tent lighting on Cinco de Mayo 2012.
You might know me from Twitter, Luuux or Kathryn Rose, a style blog I started with my best friend Bre.  Taryn Rose is my outlet for sharing my passion for all things beauty related, along with the occasional outfit of the day and musing about my personal life.  I'm not a stylist or makeup artist or guru, nor have I received formal training in any of these areas.

FTC: All content and images on this blog belong to me, unless otherwise indicated (i.e. The above photo was taken by my dear friend Christine, whose camera can be blamed for the inaccurate timestamp).
Likewise, every item featured and/or reviewed on this blog has been purchased by me, unless otherwise indicated.  I will always disclose to you, my reader, if I have received anything as a PR sample, gift or giveaway prize.  (I dig free stuff as much as the next girl, but receiving it will never sway my opinion or compromise the integrity of my posts.)  I have never received compensation for my reviews, and all opinions posted on this blog are honest and my own.

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