Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I promised this blog would include posts about my personal life and my interests outside of makeup and fashion, so I've decided to share some of my creative writing. (I'm actually even more passionate about writing than I am about like floral tank tops and freaking mascara.) Here's a free verse poem I wrote last semester and am actually pretty pleased with:

To My CR-V
by Taryn R. Martin

Cleaning out my totaled car
was opening the time capsule
I wasn’t ready to see yet.
The burn mark on the arm rest
from her vanilla Black & Mild.
The steering wheel I squeezed tight when
he finally said, “I love you,”
and I couldn’t say it back
on the drive home in that storm.
My aviators air-bag bent
in that third and final crash.
One last glance at the trunk where
we would sit or lie, door open,
as he peeled labels off countless
green bottles in parking lots when
life was easy and love made sense.
The spool of lucky robin’s egg
ribbon I’d tied to all their wrists,
Which now lay forgotten atop
My driver’s registration
In the cold glove compartment.
And the McDonald’s happy meal
monkey that watched it all, and
silently judged our actions.

What do you think? (Please be kind.)

P.S. Sorry the font's all weird where I copy pasted.


  1. I love it :) and I do miss that little monkey

    1. Thanks, B. The monkey is in my room, on top of my tv.


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